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'SUITCASE = Earth[suit] + nut[case]

EARTHSUIT was short-lived musical brilliance. Agree? Then you're in the right place.

Their incredible fusion jazzrocktronica caught many an ear from the beginning of their career in 1998 to the end of it in 2003 (with the web release of The Rise of Modern Simulation). Their fans, while currently few, are among the most dedicated and hardcore you're likely to come across. Though Earthsuit itself has ended, the men behind the innovation are still making music, more diligently than ever, and we eagerly follow the two bands that have risen from Earthsuit's ashes - MuteMath (headed by Paul Meany) and Macrosick (headed by Adam LaClave).

There is much to look forward to on the horizion, and this community was created as a way to keep any and all LJ fans informed on recent developments in the 'Suit camp. (The guys themselves occasionally drop by over at the official board, the current 'Suitcase refuge.)

Get lost in the continuum of subharmonic space!